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SSH Connections

Each nethz web instance needs the following SSH connections:

User Machine Contact Where in nethz
ldampgr crack Daniel Koch AD.pm
ldampgr epo Daniel Koch AD.pm
root auth.arch Thomas Gemperli Mac.pm
nethzwww phil1 David Mc Laughlin spamfilter.pl
nethzwww phil2 David Mc Laughlin spamfilter.pl
local weasel David Mc Laughlin ethstud.pl
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SSH Keys

Since SSH does not accept group readable private keys, the keys have to be copied in the home

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  • ~/.ssh/id_dsa.pub auf Zielmaschine kopieren
  • Auf Zielmaschine einloggen und ins .ssh Verzeichnis wechseln
  • Keys anfügen: cat id_dsa.pub >> authorized keys
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